Sustainable interior design Barcelona

The new trend in interior design is sustainability and it is about creating welcoming spaces that respect the environment in all aspects.

It is from a new current within decoration, which can be applied to newly created spaces and also to already created spaces that have undergone a restyling or reform, always taking into account recycling and reusing or buying trying to generate the least amount of waste.

Sustainable interior design projects

A sustainable interior design project is one that contemplates the choice of the most ecological materials possible, such as paint, furniture, floors, etc., so that the result of the configuration of the space is ecological.


We can fall into the mistake of thinking that sustainable interior design only contemplates the use of ecological furniture, but the truth is that this is not the case, since transforming a piece of furniture and not generating waste is also ecological interior design.

Within interior design there is restyling or remodeling, through which we can reuse furniture by painting, sanding or modifying it, giving it a second life.

Interior Design

Another option is to renew the furniture in the house and in this case, we can do a sustainable interior design project from scratch, in which all the furniture will be ecological since it will comply with the following standards:

  • Furniture made with natural materials with FSC or PEFF eco-certification:
    • Sustainable wood: that which comes from a controlled production
    • Recycled wood
    • Recycled carton
    • Armchairs upholstered in bean sprout foam, etc.
  • Manufactured in respectful conditions for the environment
  • Furniture without polluting paints
  • No volatile organic compounds
  • Coverings in cotton, wool, linen, jute, sisal, hemp, silk, latex, 100% natural and/or organic
  • Use of vegetable dyes, etc.

It is also very important that in addition to buying new ecological furniture, we treat it in an ecological way, using products such as:

  • Ecological waxes, which do not contain phenol, nitrobenzene or petroleum distillates, such as beeswax
  • flax oil
  • Water
  • Natural soap

Choosing ecological furniture

Not only are ecological furniture those that are made with natural or recycled materials without chemical treatments and that leave little environmental footprint, but artisan furniture is also within this category since it promotes fair trade.

Choosing ecological furniture

This type of furniture and decorative objects for the home not only benefits the environment but also provide health benefits, as they are suitable for people with allergies or who reject the chemical components with which many pieces of furniture are treated.

Ecological furniture is a vital element in an ecological and sustainable interior design project since it is the best bet to take care of people and the Planet.

sustainable materials

On many occasions, when we think of sustainable materials, only natural wood comes to mind, but there are many more materials, such as cardboard, stone, recycled glass, wood or slate, which are also materials sustainable.

We cannot talk about sustainability in interior design, without taking into account the materials, both those of the furniture and all those that we have to use during the reform.

Walls and furniture must meet the following standards:

  • Painting of the walls with few or no abrasive products
  • Pigments of natural origin
  • Avoid chemical and polluting plastic products
sustainable materials

Other natural products that can be used for ecological interior design are stone, made up of the remains of manufacturing from others.

Within the decoration, you will find furniture, floors, lamps, rugs, etc., made from natural fibers.

Savings and energy efficiency

When an interior designer builds sustainable and ecological spaces, he will take into account the electrical appliances, which will have an A++ energy efficiency so that you save and reduce CO 2 emissions.

sustainable housing

An interior designer will use all the resources so that you make appropriate use for the sustainability of the home.

Some of the proposals that will make you will be:

  • Natural lighting
  • Low consumption and high-efficiency lighting
  • Geothermal or aerothermal air conditioning
  • Faucets and sanitary products designed to save water
  • solar thermal plate
  • home automation
sustainable housing

Now you know what sustainable interior design is and you may be interested in knowing  what it says in another article