Trends in sustainable materials

The new trends in sustainable materials and natural elements to create our home help us to contribute to the environment while improving our health and quality of life.

Sustainability and decoration with natural elements

The new sustainable materials are the basis of decoration with natural elements.

Plastic furniture

We may think that plastic is not an ecological material for the manufacture of furniture, but sustainability has turned it around and considers it a very valuable element for furniture designs.

And… How can we think that it is ecological? The answer is found in furniture that has used recycled plastic to make its designs.

A clear example is the recycled table from the TIPTOE brand that we show you below.

Trends in Sustainable Material

Furniture with ceramic ornaments

Among the materials that have undergone a transformation in their manufacturing process, we find porcelain.

Porcelanosa already made a commitment to ecological ceramics in 2020 to change its products and create new sustainable collections.

Another technique used to streamline manufacturing is 3D printed ceramics. This technique makes the resulting ceramic have a characteristic texture.

Trends in decoration with natural materials

Decoration trends are becoming stronger in the use of natural materials for both furniture and decoration.

Textile and its new trends

The use of textile materials has undergone a revolution and the trend leads us to use them in other decorative objects, such as lamps. Therefore, the tapestries have ceased to serve only for sofas, chairs and stools.

The materials that are setting the trend in 2022 are:

  • Corduroy
  • Organic materials: flax, hemp or wool
  • Leather
  • embroidery etc

All of them combined with each other to create environments.

Biophilic Designs

The current trends in decoration have arrived with new natural elements such as plants for both interior and exterior decoration.

Vegetation has become essential in decorating both houses and offices, hotels, etc.

Biophilic Design

It is not necessary to make a biophilic decoration that our home becomes a jungle, but we can use other resources such as:

  • natural woods
  • Textile fibers
  • stones
  • leather etc

With all these resources we will create an environment that evokes nature, achieving a biophilic environment that will give us a great feeling of well-being.

Natural wood

Wood has always been and will be one of the materials that remains within the decoration trends, but varnishes, lacquers, polishes, etc., have finished, both in interior and exterior furniture.

Natural Wood

Currently what is in style are natural untreated woods. With this type of wood we will get our home to have a rustic and raw style, achieving a feeling of relaxation.

Now you know what the trends in sustainable decoration are and you may be interested in knowing  what it says in another article