What color are the walls in your home?

Many aspects of daily life have changed in the last year. Circumstances have led us to spend much more time in our homes and value the importance of having a comfortable, welcoming and safe home .

The impact of color on our mood

Many of us have learned to pay more attention to caring for and improving the state of our homes, starting with something as simple as repainting the walls or furniture in the house to improve our mood.

The impact of color on our mood

New colors for new times

The color we use in decorating our homes directly influences our mood.

So much so that, in the current situation, druggists explain that they have detected an evident increase in plastic paint sales and in the number of customers who visit them determined to transform their immediate surroundings by introducing colors that cheer them up and calm them down.

The more formal colors and discreet grays have been left behind and the new trends point to warm, intimate and bright tones. Sure

New colors for new times

And it is that, when things get difficult, we tend to look for a warm place in our home that serves as a refuge.

The most saturated tones: yellow, green, soft blue or even light pink, convey optimism and give us the feeling of being welcomed and protected. Bright paints (non-electric tones), and specifically white, are also popular options these days.

The reason is that they give us light and help us connect with nature. Organic colors remind us of the outdoors and provide us with calm and a sense of well-being and reduce the anxiety to which we are exposed.

It seems like a trivial choice, but studies show that colors influence, and a lot, how we feel and our mood.

Spaces to live and work

The space of our home no longer serves us only to live, but also as a workplace and as the center of our social life. If we used to enjoy being in bars and restaurants, now we socialize from the inside and we need to create pleasant and happy corners where we feel like spending long periods of time.

Using different paints for each environment also helps us focus our attention on the different activities that we carry out in our home, so it is a good idea to choose one color in the areas that we use to socialize, another for our office and another in the bedroom, where relaxing is the main objective.

Renovating the paint in our houses with good judgment will not only help us create a more pleasant space, but will also contribute to improving our perception of the things that surround us, evoking positive feelings, getting closer to nature and raising our spirits to do things. facing these difficult times.

Upon discovering the potential of color in our homes, many of us have put ourselves to work to achieve a change in our home that helps us see life from another perspective. Sure?

Spaces to live and work

Ecological paints: all are advantages

There are a large number of products with which we can make this makeover of our home. Undoubtedly, ecological paints are the ones that we recommend, since they contribute to creating a healthier space while respecting the environment.

The advantages of choosing ecological paints are inexhaustible: they do not give off odor, they are porous and breathable and, by allowing the walls to breathe, they favor the evaporation of humidity, avoiding condensation problems and the appearance of mold or other fungi.

These are sustainable products that do not contain chemical substances or heavy metals and do not have volatile components that affect people or cause allergies or respiratory problems. The base of ecological paints is of vegetable or mineral origin and is produced thanks to a non-polluting manufacturing process.

Both for the health of our home and for the health of its occupants and even the planet, ecological paints are, without a doubt, the best option. To be able to differentiate them, it will be enough to look for the label ‘Ecolabel’ or ‘European Ecological Label’ with the characteristic logo of a flower on the packaging.

Ecological paints: all are advantages

Other benefits of painting and caring for your home

Changing the color of the house not only has benefits for our state of mind: a regular renewal of the paint provides greater protection against deterioration or humidity, substantially improving the appearance of our home. In addition, a fresh and impeccable appearance always adds value to our property.

Criteria to hit the color

No one can tell you what color you should paint the walls of your house, but the key to not being wrong is to pay attention to the emotions that different shades evoke in you.

A good exercise is to surround yourself with a certain color at different times and days to have a result that is as clear and objective as possible.

You should bear in mind that light also plays a fundamental role in color perception, so whenever possible, we recommend repeating the experience in different light conditions. In addition to the light, the architecture, the shapes of the house and even the construction materials, also have some influence on the aspect that a certain color acquires.

All of this will be decisive in helping you decide which colors best suit your preferences and your home in particular.

Many people consider this choice important enough to be advised by an interior designer who, after knowing your preferences, your home and your way of life, can offer you the best options and combinations.

Others are very clear about what colors they need around them. Be that as it may, the final choice should always be in accordance with the personality of each one.

Criteria to hit the color

What do you think? Do you think that color plays a fundamental role in how you feel in your home?

šŸšļø Now that you know more about the impact colors can have on your mood, you may want to discover  how to create an ecological piece of furniture .