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Welcome to My Green Studio. Our innovative digital platform makes sustainable, values-based interior decoration easy, fast and fun.


Multi-Supplier Database

Do in hours what takes days. Our platform saves you time searching and filtering products. Create projects, add your furnishings, share with others, and more. Automatic moodboards and Pinterest integration streamline your workflow. Focus on being creative.


My Green Score

We focus on transparency in all aspects of our platform. We want you to be able to make informed purchases. Our scoring system and user feedback features provide clear and reliable information. We look at supplier sustainability and ethical credentials. We invite suppliers, professionals and users to engage.


Humans + AI = ♥

We envision a future where people, nature and technology exist in harmony. Our team aims to stay at the forefront of digital technology. Our 3D model database is large enough to decorate the entire meta verse. Filter for available physical products and ensure your renders reflect real life.

About US

Being sustainable needs to be easier. People, nature, and technology can thrive in harmony. We are design and technology enthusiasts.


Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in business management, marketing, corporate image, e-commerce and strategic development. BA Smith College. MBA ESADE.


Engineer, programmer and doctorate in computer science and security. Develops web solutions for companies in Europe and the US.